Maxine was very detailed and informative throughout the ear candling training course. The training room – a beautiful and cosy cabin in her garden is a very calming place to have qualified and I look forward to any further training courses I may do at Beach Haven Therapy. Thank you.


I arranged a hot stone massage for my dear friend Jo, who works very hard and deserved some pampering. Maxine’s communication throughout the booking process was faultless, and Jo later commented that the massage was the most relaxing and enjoyable experience, one she will cherish. Thank you Maxine for taking such good care of my wonderful friend


Very Calming Space, Highly recommend Thank you


What a wonderful experience having Angel Reiki with Maxine today, it felt like I was floating away to a faraway place. Such a calming presence and a deeper sense of relaxation. Feel like I’ve had a full nights sleep after half an hour. Thank you.


I have been visiting Maxine for many months now and have had various different treatments. Maxine is very friendly, skilled and knowledgeable. She encourages feedback to enable her to improve her services.



I went to Maxine for a pregnancy massage, and it was the best massage I have ever had. The whole atmosphere down to the setting, the music, the smell, and the oils were perfect. Maxine was lovely and caring and brilliant at massage. I have never felt so relaxed and felt so positive afterwards. Would recommend to anyone.


Thank you Maxine for the most amazing Hot stone massage tonight it was well and truly needed and I am so relaxed.


Through Maxine’s help with her lymphatic drainage my legs and feet have been so much better, the ankles are more flexible and the swelling has improved so much I feel better and can move around and walk further than before, even standing to iron.


I’ve been coming to Maxine for over six months now. I first looked her up when I became ill with glandular fever which developed into post-viral fatigue. Due to a low immune system I then picked up an intense sinus infection which developed into long-term symptoms lasting over eighteen months.


I’ve since been diagnosed with severe anaemia and a mould allergy. My symptoms include a constantly blocked nose and ears, pain in my neck, back and shoulders, fatigue, exhaustion, headaches, lack of focus…

When I found Maxine I was bed-bound, fainting and in a severe amount of pain.

The treatment is relaxing and I felt a warmth spreading throughout my body; as though it was healing itself. The next day I had my first respite from pain in over six months. I have tried every medicinal and holistic treatment going. Even long-term steroids and antibiotics paled in comparison to the effects of reflexology.

The lymphatic drainage technique, in particular, has greatly helped to reduce the swelling in my nose, sinuses and ears. Often I can physically feel the blockage in my ear clearing after treatment and my hearing improves. I always have more focus, energy and clarity of thought after treatment. You can even see the ‘colour’ coming back into my cheeks.

My bf is highly sceptical of any holistic treatments and even he has been amazed and the difference in my health. My headaches have now subsided and I am no longer bed bound. I would come to Maxine every day if I could! Highly recommend!


Experiencing difficulties with premenstrual syndrome, and heightened stress levels resulting in increased tension physically throughout my body particularly in my shoulders and neck and finding it a challenge to switch off resulting in altered sleep pattern. Maxine understood my situation and was able to offer some relief. Maxine is extremely compassionate and knowledgeable about reflexology and this is infective. She delivers her reflexology with compassion whilst ensuring a caring empathetic approach, to ensure that her client receives the best possible experience. I would highly recommend her.


I was recommended Maxine as I had a stressful job, unable to relax and sleep. The tiredness made me miserable and depressed. Having an Aromatherapy massage once a week has improved my sleep pattern, uplifted my mood and I feel like a new person. Thank you Maxine.


I had a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis which affects the nerve endings. Maxine gave me four reflexology treatments which made me feel more in touch with myself also helping my spasms and pain in my legs.


Reflexology was relaxing and relieved anxiety and pain. I was able to sleep and cope better with my arthritis. I would fully recommend her for Reflexology.


My Swedish massage was everything I hoped for. The atmosphere and calmness of the venue, the expert massage and the pre and post massage advice was excellent. I will certainly be having more treatments and would recommend Beach Haven Therapy to my family and friends.

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